Positive Effects Of Exercise On Students Essay

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Positive Effects of Exercise on Students

Did you know that 1 in every 3 kids ages 2-19 are considered overweight or obese?(Wilson,2013) Several factors can go into obesity such as not eating enough fruits and vegetables, drinking too many carbonated beverages, or eating too much junk food. Although these factors play a major role in this problem, the leading problem to childhood obesity is lack of exercise. According to Stanford University School of Medicine, results from a survey through 1988-2010 showed a huge increase in obesity and inactivity, but not in overall number of calories consumed. Many people make the argument that exercise is a waste of time for students because it cuts into their education. However, Exercising in School has many positive effects on students.

Health Conditions

First, Exercising in school improves the health conditions of students. One way that it does this is by helping students maintain a healthy weight. Evidence from different studies have shown that the greatest factor for weight loss or maintaining a certain weight is through physical activity. The way that a human can maintain their weight is by eating the same amount of calories in a day as their body will burn off. The way one can lose weight is by consuming less calories than ones body burns off. So, even though diet can be an important factor going into maintaining weight, it wouldn 't matter as much as long as students get some exercise during the day. Also, diet isn 't as…

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