Positive Effects of Entertainment Technology on Human Behaviour

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In: Rene Jacquart (Ed.) Building the Information Society. © IFIP, Kluwer Academic Press, 2004, pp. 51-58



Matthias Rauterberg
Technical University Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Abstract: Worldwide the pros and cons of games and social behaviour are discussed. In Western countries the discussion is focussing on violent game and media content; in Japan on intensive game usage and the impact on the intellectual development of children. A lot is already discussed on the harmful and negative effects of entertainment technology on human behaviour, therefore we decided to focus primarily on the positive effects. Based on an online document search we could find and select
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In this respect a criticism of games can not be separated from a fundamental critique of the society which produce, accept and promote these games. It could be shown [35] that misunderstanding is endemic in the Western culture because most of the Western societies tend to believe that the best way to a common goal is by rigorous and often aggressive dispute. There for a lot confrontational public forums are established, from congressional politics to media hearings. Tannen [35] argues that thoughtful debate and real understanding gets lost in all

Positive Effects of Entertainment Technology on Human Behaviour


these disputes. She suggests to consider other methods of communication and offers a survey of mostly non-Western ways of dealing with conflict, including the use of intermediaries and rituals. It is our responsibility as researchers, engineers, politicians, parents and educators to pay attention to all relevant issues, and to discuss them in the proper context of references and values, so that entertainment industry can be enabled to make correct choices for their future developments (see e.g. [2] [11] [23]). How can we get an appropriate orientation, given the fact that controversial discussions take place (see [1] [7] [13] [14] [32])?

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Play: People who have been allowed and encouraged to play stand the best chance of becoming healthy, happy and productive members of society

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