Positive Effects Of Divorce On Children Essay

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During this time toddlers are self-centered so they might think they are the cause of their parents divorce. If the child does blame them-self for the divorce of their parents it can lead to problems with their self-esteem. During these ages the child does not have the coping skills necessary for addressing the changes. As a result from the divorce the child may become prone to vulnerability toward emotional problems later on in their lives. A child’s main bond during the toddler years is with their parents, any disruption in their home life can be difficult for them to understand or accept. A child might react by crying and wanting more attention than what is typical, return to sucking their thumb, refuse toilet training, have the fear of being abandoned, or have trouble going to sleep or sleeping alone. To help minimize these effects parents should work together to promote a normal and predictable routine their child can follow. They should also spend quality time with their child and give
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They also feel resentment towards them. Adolescents will tend to need time and space to work on their reaction toward their parents’ divorce. If a parent interferes while the adolescent is trying to work out their emotions they might react with anger or rejection. They can still be weighed down by memories of their parents divorce years later especially if one or both parents remarried. Signs of distress in adolescents involve an increase in acting out for example, not cooperating, being delinquent, being promiscuous, or substance abuse. They might also show difficulty in concentrating on their schoolwork, withdrawal, depression, and anger. Parents can help adolescents during this time by reaffirming they’ll be there whenever they are ready to talk. Meanwhile parents should be patient. They should also cooperate with each other and stay firm on the rules they have

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