Positive Effects Of Deforestation

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The human population and the earth’s natural resources are ultimately connected. Many say that the cutting down of trees is occurring at a high rate, but in reality there are approximately two and a half million acres of trees planted a year. This process enhances the economy by utilizing wood and paper, providing space for buildings and homes, growing crops, and allowing for more jobs within the construction and business fields. Deforestation has positive effects on the increasing amount of human activity throughout the world.
The direct causes of deforestation link directly to a growing society. The human population thrives off of natural resources, because they are the building blocks of essentially every product used by the human race.
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A prime example of this is paper. The world has utilized paper for a long time, and it will continue to do so. Schools thrive on the use of paper. Paper is used in books that contain an unnamable amount of information. Also, paper is written on. The process of writing pen to paper is much more important than typing on a computer. Furthermore, news is carried worldwide by paper. Newspapers are an easy accessible source to receive information quickly and accurately. In addition, letters are written worldwide on paper in cases where technology cannot be used. An example of this is a soldier writing his loved ones from war. People in businesses and homes use paper every single day. Information that is written on paper and stored is much safer than information stored on a computer. Computers crash or are hacked constantly. If people were to rely solely on technology for the accumulation of information, they would end up losing everything due to the unreliability. Another example of what deforestation supplies for the world is wood. Wood is used in so many things that people take for granted. Obviously wood is used in the building of desks, tables, seats, houses, buildings, and many more everyday structures. In addition to these products, wood is used in many common objects that people would never guess that it is used in. Chemicals, metals, plastics, and even some baked goods all have some sort of wood used …show more content…
Today farmers across the world have to use pesticides and genetically modified organisms to get crops to grow in soil that has been used repeatedly. Although some say that deforestation is an abomination to nature, the space generated by this process can actually benefit the natural process of crop growing (De Souza para. 93-96). The soil that the trees were once planted in is rich and unused. This is crucial to the production of healthy food. Another use of the space created is making a pasture for cattle settlements. Cattle are used for meat and dairy products. Large quantities of these are sold for human consumption. Also, mining can be done in the new space. Mining is important to America because it is one of the largest producers of mineral products in the world. Deforestation is more beneficial to the environment than saving all of the

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