Christianity In African Americans Today

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Imagine growing up learning a specific religion and it’s the only thing you’ve known throughout your life. Now imagine having that said religion stripped away from you and being forced to learn a new one. Christianity and slavery is almost rarely discussed within the black community. It is almost a taboo to even mention them hand to hand with each other. But what most african americans fail to realise is that most black christians today are christian today because of slavery and slave trade. Many african americans today aren’t that interested in learning the history of their religion and how they came to be christian. Christianity has had a profound affect on the black community both positive and negative.

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Christian slaves believed that they would be liberated from their pain and hardships if they would praise him. They believed that they would be freed from the things they were experiencing if they were strong conversations. Most reverends during that time believed that the slaves shouldn’t be apart of the churches. Some slaves were forced to congregate in secret to pray and sing together and to do worship. Reverends believed that they could liberate the slaves from their savage way through christianity After some time slaves were given some type of religious freedom and were allowed to have their own church and their own services. While they were on the fields they would create worship songs as language to communicate with each other . The african americans treatment and forcing into a religion through hatred has left long psychological effects on african americans. Because of events of Nat turner some slave owners were afraid that religion gave the slaves a sense of hope and freedom and they were afraid that their slaves would revolt just like Nat turner. Soon after slavery the slaves were freed and some were even given the chance to go to church with their former slave owners but most decided to just make their own church homes. The church was almost like a safe haven for african americans However most weren’t safe from the kkk or angry mobs of white people. Examples such as church burnings and church bombings or public lynchings. Church bombings such as the 16th street church bombings and the arson of Macedonia Church of God in Christ in Massachusetts. The church bombing in 1963 has affected the black community psychology of the black community they were afraid of the terror they would face in the place of praise they were in. They didn’t feel safe in their only place they felt safe in in

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