Essay On Power Over Minorities

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Power over the minorities

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”Throughout my semester at SIU i have encountered many things both positive and negative, but something that I will always remember from my experience here is mainly the racists actions that have taken place on and off campus. A few weeks ago i was walking to my Zoology class and as i was walking i noticed an abundant amount of things written on the bridge and various buildings. There were things written like “Trump2016“and”SIU loves Trump” thinking that it was just college students being obnoxious and playing around I ignored what was written. It wasn 't until I got further down the bridge that
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They are raised to believe that we are lazy and ill mannered individuals when really we are the backbone of this nation. If institutes took the time to inform all races of what african americans represented then maybe we would be more unified. Although on the other hand some people can be stuck in their ways and continue to believe what they want which causes even more tension. Society contributes to the stereotypes they were taught when they were young, the media usually promotes violence among blacks and continuously draws attention to the negative ideals. They chose to not focus on black doctors,politicians or business owners. I believe that this is why our campus is the way that it has become, it is more than obvious that SIUC has racial tension on campus but their not making the correct steps to fix them. It takes more than just having a rally or sending out an email, they need to provide a mandatory class that everyone should take to educate other races about slavery. The use of history books would not be useful because that history is not correct. In order to create unity we need to start at the root of the problem and educate

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