Essay on Positive And Positive Effects Of Anorexia Nervosa

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There are both negative and positive effects that come from working out and staying healthy. However, only negative effects come from having the pressure to withhold and obtain a perfect body. Some of these effects include emotional and psychological problems, negative self-image, decreased self-image, decreased self-confidence, depression, social isolation, discrimination, difficulties in interpersonal relationships and eating disorders (Mintem 1). All of these various effects can lead to threatening life conditions. One highly known disorder that comes from this is Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is a disease with a high prevalence in teens and young adults. Though, it is found in people of all ages and in all cultures. It has been reported to carry the highest death rate of any psychiatric disorder (Coker 1). One case of this would be an 18-year-old female Nigerian student was sent to the emergency room with symptoms of AN. She refused to eat food, had a loss of appetite, experienced dramatic weight loss, encompassed low moods, and had a loss of interest in pleasurable events (Coker 1). Not only that, but also decreased daily activities and did not attend school regularly. Anorexia Nervosa took over her life and created a huge roadblock and saddening setback. Another example of an eating disorder taking over a teenager’s life would be a 17-year-old, Alex DeVinny. Alex was an outstanding runner that won a state title in track. She was not all that skinny when she…

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