Positive And Negatives Of Nuclear Energy

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For many years the argument of nuclear energy’s positive and negative effects have been fought between scientists and politicians a like. Is it truly cost effective? Is it more harmful than burning natural gases? Is it a more dangerous process to create it? These and many other questions have gone back and forth for those who support nuclear energy and those who are opposed to it. When deciding on the future of our sustainable energy sources it is best to weigh the pros and the cons of nuclear energy and understand why it can be a good source of energy and why it may not. There are many positive reasons why nuclear energy should be used as an energy source including the fact that it is a renewable energy source, there are new developments to make …show more content…
However, nuclear energy has the potential to do some serious damage considering its byproduct is radioactive which can cause major environmental damage and is very hard to dispose of and to get the ok to build a nuclear power plant is a lot easier said than done. Whichever side one may sit on in the debate of nuclear energy, viewing both its positives and negatives could help bring more understanding to this emerging energy source and grant more possibilities in future energy developments. Nuclear energy is perhaps the future of clean energy due to its low impact on the environment. When introduced to urban areas it appears that they do little to alter the environment and they have not been shown to pollute the air or create greenhouse gases (Rutledge, 2015). This is impressive considering for the better part of our history, the world has been using coal and fossil fuels to generate

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