Essay about Positive And Negative Impact On Sustaining Tourism

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Executive summary
This essay shows how backpackers have evolved over the years and why they play huge role in sustaining tourism focusing mainly in South-East Asia. It also described the different tourist characteristic based on. It also shows a backpacker’s tourist enclave affect their nature of their trip. This essay also shows the positive and negative impact on sustaining tourism and its example.
Defining Backpacker
Based on (Woodside & Martin, 2008) typology on tourist personality types, backpackers fall under allocentric who are real adventurer to near allocentric who are near adventurer and in his theory, allocentrics are intellectually travellers who are willing to take risk and like to immerse themselves in other people culture. They are spontaneous and are flexible with changes in itinerary. They make their own travelling arrangements, travel alone or in pairs and they tend to avoid destinations that are heavily developed and in which tourism activity is at its initial or almost non- existent. Near allocentric are first major wave of travellers brought by the allocentric travellers after a destination is found. (Brenner & Fricke, 2007)
Backpacker tourists are tagged with stereotype labels such as they carry a backpack, cheap hostels, banana pancakes and sleazy reggae bars. An archetypical backpacker tourist is young explorer who budget travel around the world or to a certain areas to explore culture and arts, nature and adventure (Woodside & Martin, 2008). They…

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