Positive And Negative Impact Of The Telephone

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The telephone, one of the most powerful inventions during the industrial revolution, which changed communication in a major scale. There was a huge problem surrounding us during the 19th century. Not being able to communicate in a matter of seconds incase of an emergency was a huge problem (“ Living with the telephone”). Science came up with a solution, the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone was a phenomenal invention that helped individuals communicate with each other in a matter of seconds, not like the telegraph or mails (“Morse Code & the Telegraph”). But, as any invention it had flaws. It was an uncomfortable tool to use as well as it was too expensive for lower-class men. The telephone was a huge step into technology, …show more content…
The use of science to come up with the telephone was a magnificent idea. The telephone has made many things easier (Kang, Daljinder). The fact that people can communicate from far distances and be able to listen to their voice was something huge towards technology. During the 19th century it was harder to get in touch with someone that now days. (Jaylon,Dennies). Now days we can call someone by a push of a button and choose weather the individual wants it louder, put it in hold or even mute the call so the person from the other side wont listen to what they say (Jaylon,Dennies). Science made it easier for people to feel safer, to be able to someone to ask for help or to be kept in touch with someone. It doesn’t only have positive aspects socially and ethically. Take for instance, the telephone made people feel safer but it also made people more vulnerable (“Imagining the Internet”). The telephone had to be passed through a switchboard, that switchboard will pass your call all the way to the other individual. When it was longer distance calls it took more time to be able to get through to them (“Imagining the Internet”). When it was passed through a switchboard people could spy on the calls. Making individuals more vulnerable, not being able to trust calls. In conclusion, Telephones helped in a major scale when it came to communicating and asking for help but it could also make the individual more

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