Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Social media is a platform that enables people from all around the world to be connected together and communicate with one another. It is done by sharing media content, ideas and information. Some examples of social media are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Social media can impact us both positively and negatively depending on the situation. It impacts us in terms of the way of expressing ourselves, our emotions, behaviours and relationships. It is important to learn about social media at school. It assists students to gain knowledge about social media and the ability to handle critical situations they never met before. It cannot be learnt from books and furthermore, it can be applied to their daily lives.
Social media has impacted people’s
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According to pewinternet.org, findings shown 41% of 18-29 year olds in serious relationship have felt closer to their partner due to online or text message conversations. This suggests that social media acts as a strong support and communication when partners are or are not near each other. Hence, social media has brought closer ties between people, which helps in strengthening better and steady connections with one another. Other than that, social media changes your personality positively. A survey in 2010 by Matthews and Cameron, stated that 26% out of 1800 Australians who took part in the survey found that social networking increased their participation in social activities. With increments in social activities, people are more outgoing instead of isolating themselves, which boosts confidence and not being so shy. Therefore, social media is able to change people’s character as it influences your …show more content…
This involves ‘having account details and location information used inappropriately by others to find you or access your online accounts’, stated by esafety.gov.au. Private information could be accessed by other unknown people online, when not keeping your profile private. Therefore, with the knowledge of social media, it can reduce the risk of private information being exposed to the strangers who can harm the person with the information about the person. It is also useful for the future. People can apply these knowledge and skills in the workforce and in their everyday lives involving with the internet. Social media are ‘increasingly being used in businesses, and they’re important skills for the workforce to learn’, stated by fatemehfakhraie.com. It is useful learning it earlier and it is an important strategy in the working world. Hence, the knowledge of social media is very important to people to prepare themselves for the

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