Positive And Negative Essay: The Dangers Of Technology

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Dangers of Technology Everybody is always saying how technology is bad and that it is providing a negative impact on people but what if I told you it’s the complete opposite. Technology is widely used everywhere such as classrooms, businesses, etc. Technology has evolved so much over time and is one of the number 1 most used thing in the world. The use and advancement of technology has changed the world forever and is something that will not go away or stop improving. People believe that technology is bad for us and that only negative comes from it, but there are many positives that come with technology. While yes there are negatives to technology there are way more positives. Most of the negatives come from overuse of technology. If …show more content…
Most of the time you’ll hear that technology has a bad impact on children and that it is a distraction for them but actually it’s the complete opposite. The most used piece of technology in the classroom is the laptop. 56% of students use a laptop in a typical week. The laptops are used for many things like taking tests, writing papers, doing research, etc. The laptops are very useful when taking tests because right after your done taking your test you will know what score you got and the amount that you got right and wrong. It makes it easier on the teacher because the laptop grades the test for them so all they have to do is just put the score into the gradebook. The laptops in the classroom are very useful because you can look anything up online and that can help out with many assignments. With the ability to do research for assignments you can make everything as accurate as possible. Yes you can get your information from a book or something else but you won’t get the information quick and for the most part it won’t even be all the information that you need. The internet allows you to look up anything and get results right away. Technology can also improve the relationship between the teacher and student. The reason for this is because when a teacher introduces technology into a classroom the student is more likely to be more engaged in the assignment and find it more enjoyable. Technology helps makes learning more meaningful as well. Technology and the laptops in the classroom allow students and teachers to interact better, the reason for this is because the teacher and student can send each other stuff back and forth. If a student needs something from a teacher then the teacher can send it online and the student will have it right away. It also gives both the student and the teacher a way to communicate to each other when they are

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