Essay about Positive And Negative Effects On Youth

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The lab was focused on the application of positive and Negative Punishment styles in youth. Teachers and parents use each differently, fitting to their own disciplinary background and catered to each child. This way works for small group attention, but how would one manage in a larger group such as twenty third graders? The ones with behavioral issues may keep no control and have nothing to encourage their success while the well-behaved children feel as though they have done something wrong as the whole class is forced to wait an extra 10 minutes before recess. Keeping a balance between positive and negative styles of learning is one of the toughest jobs for any parent or teacher. Although caring for each child’s individual needs is important to their development, a professional may have to work for the majority response from children.
This experiment has concluded that children who were given a positive stimulus tended to have a higher completion rate than those with no motivator or negative punishment. This means that the original hypothesis of the positive stimulus gaining higher results from the children to be correct. The data tables show the numbers of completed and incomplete tests. However, the graphs are much more applicable. Each child’s number of letters written were mapped out amongst the rest of the testing group. From there, whenever a child was unable to complete the next level, the percentage of students and therefore value on the y-axis decreased. The…

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