Essay on Positive And Negative Effects On Children

1007 Words Apr 8th, 2016 null Page
In life there are people you love and get along with and there are people you just don’t get alone with and you choose to not be around. Most people are more likely to keep the positive people and learn positive messages from them. But you learn to stay away from the negative people and you learn to be positive from things they did wrong. Asking people about who is positive and negative in there lives was very interesting because everyone could point out the positive people but finding the negative people is harder because of how they aren’t in their life any more. Over all every one learns lessons from who they surround them self’s around and who they choose to have inn their life.
In my life I try to stay away from the negative people and I also try to surround my self around happy positive people. I would like to consider myself a happy positive person and I would not be able to be that person with out my best friend and boyfriend Wyatt. Wyatt always knows how to put a smile on my face and I would honestly say he is a very large reason I am who I am. I have learned to be there for people and always have a good out look on thing because you never know who needs a smile on their face from him. Recently in my life I have had a lot of negative things going on with my family. My father suffers from substance abuse; these actions had caused him to be very angry and a negative person. Seeing an old positive figure in my life go though a negative stage and take it out on his…

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