Positive And Negative Effects Of Schizophrenia

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One of the most terrifying psychological disorders that affect about 24 million people worldwide is a disorder known as “Schizophrenia”. It is perceived as a mental disorder that drives people to insanity. It is a disorder that still has not found a cure and a disorders that heavily researched by doctors all around the world. Schizophrenia can be described as a sudden change in personality and behavior and that allows people who deal with this disorder to hallucinate, be delusional, and deal with paranoia. The word “Schizophrenia” is derived from the two Greek words known as ‘schizo’, which means “split” and the word ‘phrenia’, which means “mind”. Many people can mistake themselves with the definition of Schizophrenia of being a personality …show more content…
In a web article that explained the symptoms of positive and negative it explains:
“Positive symptoms are also sometimes called the psychotic symptoms. They are called positive because they describe features which were not present in the person before they suffered with schizophrenia and so can be considered to have been added to their mind set... Negative symptoms are so called because they describe the absence of beneficial behaviours that were previously present in the person’s lifestyle. Unlike the positive symptoms, which have to be described by the sufferer to the doctor, negative symptoms can mostly be observed by those living with the person.” (LWS, 2014)
The positive symptoms of Schizophrenia are: Hallucinations, when people can physical sense all five senses in perceiving its reality. The most common hallucinations are that most victims can hear voices and believing that someone is really talking to them as an individual in voice that is condensing. The next is delusions and paranoia, when the person believes that someone is out to get them or that they are someone important that carry supernatural powers. Another symptom is disorganized thoughts and speech and having difficulty to concentrate and lack of movement. The negative symptoms of Schizophrenia are: depression, emotionless, with drawls from relationships, community, and reality, lack of motivation in everything that they do, that they tend to stop attending to

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