Overemployment Analysis

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One of the most discussed topics within the economical world today, is the concept of unemployment rates and how they can easily be increased in order to benefit the entire country. Though this is a topic that becomes the most discussed over the new air-waves, one that is hardly discussed is the concept of over-employment. In order for this concept to become discussed regularly as unemployment, the economy must open their ears up to other resources that inform of the concept. One resourceful material that does converse about over-employment and its impact on the economy as a whole occurs in chapter eight of economist John E. Staplefords’ book Bulls, Bears, and Golden Calves. This chapter informs of the statistical evaluation of those whom are …show more content…
I personally agree with the discussion that over-employment affects the livelihood of anyone involved. Although I personally have not had much experience within career areas, I have had specific jobs in which over-employment was present and did affect my livelihood, therefore allowing me to assess the situation discussed in the chapter. I have had to work longer hours in order for one specific career to end and also completing long requirements that would take days before they were ever fully completed. For myself, the over-employment (although being allowing for a great increase in money) caused my life to change and revolve around the long hours that I was required to complete. I missed out on a lot of family activities that I really would have enjoyed if I had not had to work. Despite missing out, it did allow for me to gain both a monetary increase and in experience that would not allow me to be where I am in life today. This chapter, to me, hit a lot of areas in life that I had never considered before and I was glad that I had chosen this chapter as it allowed me assess my own life and how I can learn from the concept of …show more content…
134). I feel that the information presented within this particular chapter of the book is a concept that is constantly overlooked within our society today. Many people are interested in over-employment to benefit their lives or their families, but they often forget that with this territory comes also many factors that are often forgotten about. “Americans are feeling more crunched for time as they hustle to balance career, home, and leisure” (Stapleford, p. 121). As stated within the chapter, individuals should be given the chance to “…strike a balance between work, family, and leisure” (Stapleford, p. 133). “ I believe that we all can take this chapter and assess our own lives through the aspects addressed here. However, we must remember to do as the versus within the book of Ecclesiastics proclaims, which states “ Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart…. Always be clothed in white, and always anoint your head with oil. Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love…. Whatever you hand finds to do, do it with all your might” (Eccles 9:7-10)” (Stapleford, p. 135). This must become our goal in life, to succeed in our careers… without missing out on the aspects of life that make life great. If we can accurately complete this task, then we will have experienced life to its overall

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