Positive And Negative Effects Of Depression Essay

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When thinking positive, you are thinking on the bright side of what can potentially happen. Many people positively fantasize about their futures. Some people who think positive, expect positive results, as we all should. Can those positive thoughts lead to something worse eventually? I have always been taught to think positive, to never let negative thoughts get you down. Always think positive, think it into existence or it will never happen. There are people who have been taught, and studies have shown that this way of thinking or fantasizing can lead to depression longitudinally. There were many hypotheses throughout this research. Hypothesis 1: the more positively people fantasize, the more they should become depressed over time (Oettingen et al, 2016, p, 2). Hypothesis 2: More positive fantasies generated in response to everyday situations would yield the same pattern of results concerning symptoms of depression. Hypothesis 3: Low effort and little academic success mediate the relationship between the positivity of fantasies and a relative increase in symptoms of depression.
The researchers did four studies. Study 1 was about the “Positive Future fantasies and Symptoms of Depression in College Students” (Oettingen et al, 2016, p.2). The researchers examined the relations between positive future fantasies and symptoms of depression in 88 college students, concurrently and longitudinally. The students completed one measure at the beginning of the school…

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