Positive And Negative Aspects Of My Life Essays

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Introduction Everyone has a personality, weak or strong. Our personality is formed around our environment. A person young to old has been influenced by their environment through the way they developed their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through the development of a person’s life they form their personality. From the day that they were born until the day that die everyone will remember a quality about that person.
Positive and Negative Traits In my life I have some positive and some negative traits. My positive traits are I can see both sides of any situation, I am creative, and I like to try new things. My negative traits are I procrastinate, I have terrible handwriting, and I worry about events or things that could go wrong in my life. I am a person who is “motivated by purposes and goals” (King, 2016, pg. 381). I tend to procrastinate because I try to be a perfectionist in creative ways in order to accomplish goals. I know I am not good at relationships and I like to keep to myself, but I try every day to be the best that I can be. I have self-efficacy because I believe I can do or try to accomplish anything that will have a positive outcome. Others have said that I am awkward, nice, and weird although I attempt to stay positive about what anyone has said about me, I sometimes wonder why they would say that about me. My thoughts are in the past and in the moment. I think about the future all the time. My brain is constantly thinking at an extremely fast…

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