Essay On Caveman Logic

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Hank Davis explains Caveman Logic to be vestigial reasoning that has been passed down from the ancestors of humans which has led modern day humans to behave a certain way in certain situations. An example of this that I find in my own life is in my personal mantra: Positive Affirmations are the Key to Success. The idea behind this saying is that by constantly speaking good things into existence they will simply be because the "universe" is going to reciprocate my energy, following the law of attraction in some fashion. I genuinely believe that events in my life unfold differently due to the action of me saying things will go well, talking down on myself and saying they will go wrong, or simply not saying anything at all about a situation and just walking in. …show more content…
However, upon research through my reading of Henry Davis's Caveman Logic, I have come to find an evolutionary reasoning for my superstitious actions. In the book, Davis (2009), states, "We are all hedonists. Like every other animal on the planet, humans share the desire to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. If it is good, you do not just want it happening to you, you want to be able to make it happen." This statement only begins to explain my infatuation with positive affirmations starting to explain my infatuation with control. But where did that infatuation come from? It is commonly understood that everyday life for our ancestors would have been exponentially more dangerous and complicated than the lives we live now. By that same reasoning, our ancestors would have had to realize that everything was not in their power and began to put that control into the hands of someone with more power than themselves, which most likely led to the idea of religion. Now, like I said, I have never considered myself the religious type, but looking at things from an evolutionary aspect, I

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