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The Status and Position of European Jews at the Beginning of the 20th Century

A Jew is a person belonging to the religion of the Jewish faith. At the beginning of the 20th century many Jews occupied land in Europe.
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It seems that Jews were treated better and had better status and position in western Europe than they did in eastern Europe.

2. Why did the status and position of Jews worsen in Germany in the years 1933-1945?

During the time period of 1933-1945 the status and position of the Jews worsened in many different ways and for many different reasons. The Nazi's had now began their rise to power following Germanys defeat in world war 1 and the wall street crash in 1929. Hitler was the Leader of the Nazi party and later on became the leader of Germany, he hated the Jews and so the persecution against them became a lot worse.

In 1934 Jews were banned from going to public places such as cinemas and schools. In 1935 laws were passed which stopped Jews from being German citizens and also stopped them from marrying anyone who was not a Jew. All laws and similar things like this was all part of Hitler's plan for a "master" or "Aryan race". Jews were forced to wear the Star of David so they could be easily singled out from a crowd. These laws were known as the Nuremburg laws.

Jews were also banned from being allowed to work in high-power
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The nazi storm-troopers also burned down many synagogues and killed around about 100 Jews. During the same week over 20,000 Jews were placed into concentration camps and many were fined for no reasons at all.

After the second world war had got underway the status and position of the Jews worsened further, the Nazis forced Jews to move to small secluded areas called ghettos which often became overcrowded. The ghettos were an excuse for Hitler to gather all Jews into one area to make them easier to attack. Hitler started placing many of his enemies and many Jewish people into work camps or concentration camps even when they had followed his set laws. Many Jews became so fearful at this time that they changed their beliefs.

Not long after the Jews were placed into ghettos or camps the Nazis came up with a new idea called the "final solution". The "final solution" against the Jews was to exterminate them all by placing them in death camps where they would be shot or gassed. Inside the

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