Position Essay Euthanasia

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The Good Death Euthanasia has been a hotly debated social question for many years. For many reasons people ask for assistance to end their lives. It is legal in most states for a person to end their own life, but if someone helps someone carry out that wish, then that is a crime. It shouldn’t be illegal to help someone end their life if they wish to die to end their pain. The only sensible thing would be to legalize physician assisted suicide so that people can feel comfortable and pass away in a controlled environment. Assisted suicide is becoming more acceptable in American culture. Euthanasia has been a medical, moral, and even religious issue over the years and is slowly moving towards legalization. Euthanasia means the good …show more content…
Later he gave his patients carbon dioxide through a face mask so that they could control the flow of the gas themselves. Kevorkian had a patient with Lou Gerhrig’s Disease who had asked for his help. Kevorkian injected him with a substance, since the patient could not do it himself, to cause him to painlessly exit this world.
The only thing a terminally ill patient who does not wish to endure the painful prolonging of their life can do is have a certificate called a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. This is an acceptable form of euthanasia here in the United States. This is when a patient who is terminally ill does not wish to be resuscitated if they stop breathing or their heart stops beating. A DNR order must be present at the time the person collapses. If it is not present, when medical help arrives then medical personnel will still have to do everything possible to bring the patient back to life, even if they are told that a DNR does exist. Knowing you will not be brought back to life might bring some relief, while on the other hand they know that their death will not be pleasant. Doctors can only give patients drugs to ease the pain they have to go through before their inevitable death. Here in America (with the exception of Oregon) we cannot end their lives any sooner than when God takes them himself. A DNR order is the first step towards legalizing assisted suicide. Physician Assisted suicide has is

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