Position Controls : A Human Resource Tool Essay

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Position Controls

Postion controls are a human resource tool used to allocate the number of nursing resources necessary for a respective unit (Dent, 2015). The paper or electronic document speficies how many full-time equivalent (FTE) personnel are assigned, their positions, and the total hours of work per year for each FTE (Liberty University, 2015). For many organizations 2,080 hours are allocated for each RN FTE. Organizations, however, may use a different numerical value. Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, TX alocates each RN FTE only 1,872 annual hours because estimates that nurses spend about 9% of their time non-productive tasks (Dent, 2015). Nursing leaders have the liberty to combine full-time, part-time, and as needed personnel in order to make up the total RN FTE needed for the unit (Dent, 2015). Position controls also account for nursing turnover and number of new personnel on orientation (Dent, 2015). Position controls are important to organizations because they forcast the number of necessary personnel, allow organizations to control costs by appropriate staffing units and ensure the organization meets the miminum regulatory requirements for safe staffing.

Variance Management and Finance Finance Management

Workforce variance occurs when the skill mix available on the unit does not meet the skill mix needed (Liberty University, 2015). Varience that exceeds half the length of a shift is considered significant and requires management action. (Liberty…

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