Portraying Art Reflection

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When I first started the semester, the only real exposure I had to any of the arts was the music I listened to, two art museums and Bharatanatyam, a classical dance from India. Many events and readings later, I find myself with more insight in the arts. I have much more appreciation for all of the various arts, specifically ballet, opera, and the orchestra. Prior to this semester, I always held a biased disinterest in these types of performances due to the fact that I didn 't feel the need to cultivate an understanding in it by immersing myself in what they had to offer. Thanks to these experiences, I was able to appreciate the work and intricate detail that goes into all of them; some of which became my favorite events to date.
I believe
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Towards the end of the reading, Boxer talks about how inanimate objects can portray pain. This is something that I cannot agree with.
Much of the excitement undoubtedly came from the events themselves. To me, the most excitement came from watching the Nutcracker ballet. This was the first time I watched the, so there was a lot of expectations that I had. After reading the original story by E.T.A Hoffmann, I expected this ballet to be dark and evil. I was slightly surprised to see how child-like and energetic the actual ballet was. I still very much enjoyed the performance.
Set design was something I originally never paid attention to whenever I went to a performance. During this semester, I learned to appreciate the hard work that went into creating the set. My favorite set was the set for the opera La Boheme. In each set, it wwas clearly evident that there was so much thought and time that went into it. From every little piece of snow to the market scene, there was a lot of detail that could be
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According to our guide of the exhibit, both pieces show similarities to Renaissance paintings. This is something that I would not have realized had I gone by myself to the exhibit. Because of this little piece of information, I was able to further appreciate the art pieces. In both, Marshall showcases two poignant places in African American culture, a barber shop and beauty salon. Marshall highlights the strength of his community, even through the struggles they face with racism. In School of Beauty, School of Culture, there is a white Disney princess on the floor with two African American children trying to call attention to it. All of the adults in the scene ignoring the children’s calls to look at the white princess proves that the African Americans had a strong sense of self; they were not trying to succumb to the pressures to become white and were happy in their own

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