Portrayal Of Women In The Great Gatsby

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Karla Ximena Leyte
Short Paper – Women in the Great Gastby
September 18, 15
Women’s Depiction by a Male Narrator in The Great Gastby
The American classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby has been highly appraised for its symbolic representation of the American Dream. It is important to dissect the novel and analyze the way the narrator, Nick Carraway, influences the portrayal of each character, which in conclusion shapes how its readers view the sequence of events. Although the central point of The Great Gastby is to meditate on America in the 1920’s, the portrayal of women by a male narrator is symbolic of the manner women are presented in America as a whole. Nick’s individual description of the head female characters in the novels
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Since the theme of the book is the wealth and status that come with achieving the American Dream, we can see how women become a tool associated with that wealth, which dehumanizes their role in the novel. The whole story is symbolic of Gatsby’s struggle to achieve the American Dream and what his definition of the American Dream is. Within the book the reader can spot out different metaphors that represent this goal, such as the green light. Yet, the most important symbol to Gatsby’s aspiration is Daisy. In analyzing what Daisy represents, we can quickly discover she only serves as a status of the dream Gatsby dedicates his life to. She is the memory Gatsby holds on to while he goes off to war, becoming the time in his life he is influenced to always reminisce on. Gatsby’s uncontrollable desire for Daisy is associated to the wealth he fights to acquire, simply making her a branch in his desire for riches. While the main argument is that Daisy is Gatsby’s one and only love, it is easy to discover how she is often just an idea Gatsby held on to for many years. When they first reunite, Nick narrates how Daisy may have fallen short of Gastby’s fantasies, “there must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his …show more content…
In The Great Gatsby, Nick’s depiction of women is lessened through their symbolic representation of material assets and gender norms. The mannerisms portrayed by the three contrasting females in the story – Myrtle, Daisy, and Jordan – illustrate the acceptable behaviors women in society should exercise. Through his use of language and word choice, Daisy and Jordan serve as the prime example of the mode women should operate through. This particular type of behavior is largely linked to class and the way higher-status women perform gender roles in a more eloquent way than lower-class women, such as Myrtle. Analyzing Myrtle’s description throughout the book, it is noted that lower class is related to a lack of manners and class. Myrtle’s loud presence and distracting practices deviate from the idea that women should carry themselves softly and serve as props to the setting in which men are present. In contrast, Daisy and Jordan are frequently described as carrying themselves tenderly and gracious. The women in Gatsby also lack interaction with each other, which argues that their speech is only relevant when a male is involved. While Nick’s judgmental character influences the description of the characters and events in the novel, his narration in Gatsby serves as one of many books where the presence of female characters is diminished

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