Portrayal Of Strong And Submissive Female Characters Essay

1473 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
In Marjane Satrapi Persepolis (2007), the influence of strong and submissive female characters was one of the main theme in the movie. Women such as Marji, her mother, grandmother displayed a rebellious role throughout the film. However, not at all of the women in Persepolis displayed that attitude, as some women obeyed the gender bias laws and enforced them within each other. From protesting, ignoring a gender bias law, or accepting things how they were. Persepolis uses a spectrum of women to highlight that women will or will not conform to social inequalities in an oppressed and totalitarian state. The Iran revolution created different expectations, rules and standards, for women and men. Society believes that women should not be seen or heard. Women must show modesty in public and home, while the males have no set behavior. Marji in Persepolis exhibited behaviors and characteristics that she will not succumb to that notion. Marji story in Persepolis is one of a young lady coming of age and finding her own identity. At a young age, Marji could see that she was different from the other children in her neighborhood. Marji wanted to be a prophet of the lord. She practiced martial arts, by imitating Bruce Lee. Marji is able to convince the other children in her neighborhood to attack a young boy who father is a member of SAVAK and killed innocent communists. Marji is shown as the leader of the group with the boys trailing behind her, as she command them to attack. In a…

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