Portrayal of Love and Sex in Brave New World Essay

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The films “Brave New World” is one of the only films I have enjoyed watching, in any class. I found it to be extremely interesting. All of the values and morals we have in our world today are taboo in this movie. The first thing that caught my attention was the view on sex. In our world today, we like to think that we should stay “pure” until we get married to the one we love. However, in this day and age that is not the case- people do engage in premarital sex. In this movie there is a motto “promiscuity is a citizen’s duty”. Meaning go out and sleep with anyone you would like, it’s okay, because it’s pleasurable. In their minds anything that is pleasurable is good. Today being promiscuous is not socially acceptable- we are …show more content…
They are about to become parents. In the movie there are no families- no mothers, no fathers, no pregnancy. Everyone takes a birth control pill and babies are decanted. Everyone fits into their own role in society and that’s why they are here. It makes me sad to think that everyone is on their own. Instead of our parents raising us, and teaching us right from wrong, in the new world everyone is conditioned. This has got to be a horrible life- which is probably why everyone is popping the little blue pills called SOMA- nobody is truly happy.
They are trying to improve the happiness of the citizens throughout the whole movie- this is Bernard’s project. I believe he would never be successful. Nobody could truly be happy in this world- all the important aspects of life are taken away. It makes me think of the citizens as robots. Yes, theses people live in harmony, luxury and safety but they are deprived of feelings and companionship and without that luxury and harmony mean nothing. This whole world is just created to improve the economy I feel. Everyone is conditioned to be a part of the perfect economy. They are taught ending is better than mending, buy new things and that work is fun. Great for the government but not for the people.
This was a great movie in my eyes. It makes me appreciate what we have today. I hope nothing like this can ever happen. We should all be unique and original- not

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