The Montessori Model

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As part of this portfolio project, I worked with my school administrators to implement some of the ideas that are a part of this high expectations belief system. I developed and presented a professional learning opportunity for our teachers around differentiation. To best help support the students, I worked in two classrooms redesigning the layout to provide centers for students to access the curriculum differently. As part of the classroom redesign, I had an expert from our community provide the tools to help integrate a zone for sensory regulation. To better reach our families, I worked as part of the MTSS team to better communicate goals with parents. On top of these four specific ideas pulled from the high expectations belief system, I …show more content…
We took the traditional classroom layout and completely started over. Both of these teachers, after hearing the presentation on ADHD, requested help for creating centers that would support student needs. While we will not be adopting the Montessori Model anytime soon at our school, there are some positive aspects of the philosophy that can be integrated into a Core Knowledge school. Montessori For All is based on the philosophy of educating the whole child, attending to their minds, bodies, and hearts (Next Generation Learning, 2015). The new classroom models have standing zones, quiet areas, earphone centers, small group learning areas, and areas for integrated and blended learning (computer support). One of the most exciting areas is a sensory integration area for S’Cool Moves and refocus …show more content…
S’cool moves is an evidence-based, simple tool that uses strategies that work. The strategies, simple activities on posters, address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of learning with ease (Wilson, 2016). By incorporating these sensory-based behavior strategies and academic techniques, we were able to set up a zone where students could go for one or two minutes to help them refocus and pay better attention in class. The strategies were originally designed to support students in special education, but now that they are in the general education room, all students will be able to benefit. Sharon walked all of through the activities and helped us setup a small area where students can move through one or activities throughout the day. As this is a new program, I do not have any successes or improvements to report at this

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