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Paradox Software Business Plan
2222 West Code Street
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 882-6568 February 28th, 2016

A. Executive Summary 4
A1. Company Identification: 4
A2. Mission of the Company: 4
A4. Keys to Success: 4
B. Company Summary 6
B1. Industry History: 6
B2. Legal Form of Ownership: 6
B3. Location and Facilities: 6
B4. Management Structure: 6
B5. Products and Services: 6
C. Market Analysis 8
C1. Target Market 8
C2. Industry Analysis: 8
C3. SWOT Analysis 10
D. Market Strategy 14
D1. 4Ps: Discuss each of the four Ps of marketing as they relate to the company’s products and services. 14
D2. Price List: Develop a price list for the company’s products and services.
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In order to make sure the product is stable and does what it claims, a beta test pool of 100 users will be required to assist in testing the product and validating the features prior to launch. These users will receive the full version of the product for free and will be called “Ambassadors” versus testers, keeping the word of mouth advertising in mind during the process. The second key to success will be the roll out of the product for general release, garnering 25,000 paid downloads in the first year. In order to have a successful launch, there will be a free version with a time limit of 5 days, as well as an introductory offer of $0.99 for any downloads of the full version in the first 90 days, excluding the Ambassadors. After the introductory offer, the price will increase to $1.99. The final key to success will be to continue to evolve the product based on two factors, input from the consumers and changes in market trends. As consumers ask for more functionality, the product development will weigh the changes versus ease of incorporation as to when these features will be added. Paradox will also add additional cloud storage options based on market trends.

B. Company Summary
B1. Industry History: Since the first camera phone was sold in Japan back in the year 2000 (Wikipedia, 2016), consumer have desired to capture every

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