Porter's Generic Strategy Of Tc Harrison

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Market Positioning
Market Positioning considers the principles of segmentation, targeting and positioning to identify the potential target audience for T.C. Harrison. The model of STP is convenient when effective marketing communication is planned; it enables the marketers to deliver relevant messages to engage with different audiences (Hanlon, 2016).

Porter’s Generic Strategies

According to Kotler et al (2008), the four main topics of segmentation are; demographic, geographic, psychographic and behaviouristic. Segmentation is the process of dividing the market based on the different needs. According to Armstrong (2009), the “demographic characteristics must be known in order to assess the size of the target
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To do this, T.C. Harrison use Auto Trader’s database to create customer profiles which target specific customers. Hence, the business uses the differentiation focused strategy because they offer specialised quality products for premium costs, but have a narrower target market of customers compared to Toyota.
Targeting involves choosing to focus on the more attractive and beneficial segments of the market and then selecting specific segments to enter (Baker and Hart, 2016). In terms of TC Harrison, their main groups of consumers are young buyers and returning buyers and have two different types of services available for them; new cars and used cars. TC Harrison also offers an opportunity to purchase a car on monthly instalments which will help the first-time buyers with limited capital.
Positioning is the distinctive position the organisation’s products hold “in the minds of target consumers” within the competitive market (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010). The higher the position from the competitor’s, the more likely the customers are to purchase the product.

The BCG matrix
This is the BCG matrix model that allows the business to understand how well they are doing and what can be improved to improve the position of the
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Harrison to facilitate their goal of providing the best value to their customers and being unforgettable. Looking at the website and the advertisements for T.C. Harrison it is obvious that this brand has a clear and successful positioning strategy. T.C. Harrison meets 3 of the 4 C’s by making clear what their strategy is to segment customers, by understanding the interests and needs of the customers by offering products and services aimed at customers of all age, gender and financial conditions and by being credible. In terms of contrasting, the experience and the personality of the brand is the same to the competitors which requires

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