Porsche Swot Analysis Essay

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Porsche’s Analysis
Founded in 1930 by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the company owes it success to Adolf Hitler and World War II. Porsche began as a design and engineering firm in 1931. Originally associated with the Volkswagen Beetle, Porsche was contacted by the Third Reich to design a car for the 1939 Auto-Union Grand Prix. This marked the beginning of Porsche as a sports car manufacturer. By the end of the war, Porsche established it first automobile factory. Two years later, in the design for their first sports car, the 356. “The first sports car bearing the Porsche name rolled out of a small test workshop in Gmund, Austria in June 1948,” (History of Porsche AG – FundingUniverse. n.d.).
Production rolled out in 1950 and by 1951, Porsche had manufactured 1000 cars. Porsche is synonymous with such names as 911, Carrera, Cayenne, Boxster, and Spyder. In 2005, Porsche began investing into Volkswagen in an attempt to share technologies. Today Porsche produces over
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Globally, Porsche has a reputation and presence in the auto industry as one, which manufactures quality luxury sports cars. They produce a broad range of vehicles to suit most every need from compact models to hybrids and SUV’s.
2. Porsche cars can be pricey, 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder retails for $845,000, making it a preferred vehicle for the rich and elite. The price allows Porsche to generate quick revenue from few sales. This enables the manufacturer to concentrate on quality versus quantity.
3. Porsche has a limited number of models available but, they do offer a broad range of variants. This allows for most types to be manufactured in the same plant thus, reducing production and overhead costs.
4. The company is known for producing cars that are both sporty and luxurious. They are recognized as one of the top brands in the sports car industry. Of the top 100 brands, in general, “Porsche on Forbes Lists #78 World's Most Valuable Brands,” (Forbes.

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