Pornography : A Diverse Range Of Mediums Essay

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Pornography, in a diverse range of mediums, has existed for many decades now—and while the harmful effects on society are pervasive, they may not be well known to the public. The reach and depth of pornography’s influences has been a continually debated issue amongst feminists in many scopes, both individual and societal. Here, I present the two differing perspectives held by feminists on this issue and seek to dissect and analyze the arguments held by both sides in relation to the battle between sexual autonomy and safety. While anti-pornography feminists assert that pornography use is just as harmful to the consumer as it is to the women being objectified, coerced, and abused in its production, sex-positive feminists argue that restricting its broad scope of creation would violate free speech. It is my belief that while it is important to defend and exercise the right to free speech, to properly analyze all sides of this argument, we must first look at the history of the movement, then at the rationalizations each side presents, and finally evaluate and take a stand on the universal effects of pornography in the scope of sexual autonomy versus safety.
In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, in the midst of second-wave feminism, a heated debate sprung up and deeply divided the feminist movement of the time. Often called the feminist sex wars, this dispute touched on a few contentious issues of women’s rights, but mainly delved into the opposing viewpoints on pornography…

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