Population and Noise Essay examples

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The effects of populations and noise go hand-in-hand, or have a cause and effect relationship. If there are larger amounts of people in a smaller space, there will be more noise. The amount of noise a human can tolerate changes from each person’s own perspective. Most people have a desired level of noise, and a desired amount of personal boundaries. Cultural factors affect the way human beings determine what is appropriate personal space, or what is uncomfortable for each individual. Environment has a huge impact on what one considers privacy. The comfort level in which individuals interpret their own privacy varies, also has to do with how one is brought up and what their personal culture has taught him or her or privacy. For example, …show more content…
For example, a dictator deciding to take over another land, or as simple as a person being upset because his neighbor’s tree extends beyond the property line; are learned through socialization and experience. Territoriality is the chief manifestation of societal supremacy. Its varying utilities allow people to recognize the historical association between society and space. Territoriality is shown in all different areas of life, such as the securities of states or countries, at home, and in the work place (Myers, 2005). Population density is the measure of the number of people living in an area. Most commonly denoted as people per square mile, or kilometer depending upon which area of the world the people live. There are more people living in urban areas and big cities, this basically means more crowding, excess noise, and less room for people to live. More people living in smaller areas also decrease the extent of privacy. This may have an effect on the psychological and emotional well-being of the individuals living in the denser areas. Crowding causes emotional stress, therefore people living in areas with a higher population density feel more stress than a family living in a farm area with more room and more privacy. Population density and crowding stressors also would contribute to a higher crime rate. Taking into consideration socioeconomic factors such as: income, ethnicity and poverty; proves a higher rate of violence in

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