Essay on Population Growth On Water And Water Sources

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Human population is rapidly growing throughout the world, and just within a time span of five years, the world’s population has shot from 7.3 billion people to the current 7.9 billion people. The effect of this exponential population growth on water and water sources can be taken in two different perspectives, but both calls for urgent remedy before the situation gets out of hand. One is the high demand for clean water for human consumption and secondly, is the severe encroachment of water sources by humans in such for settlement and economic activities thereby disrupting the natural water cycle (Jury & Vaux, 2005).

Mr. President, it is indeed great news that the world and our country are becoming more industrialized and soon or later, we might be getting the ‘superpower’ title, but sadly enough it will happen at the expense of our environment and worse still, water. Water, safe and clean water usually forms the backbone of any strong country, thus water was nicknamed life. It, therefore, needs to be the priority of any country with a future to protect its water and water sources before it embarks on other activities of constructing a brighter tomorrow for its citizens. It therefore, in great concern for water, its life-cycle, its conservation measures and proper utilization for the benefit of the existing generation and the generations to come that I write and dedicate this book to you his Excellency, for it is you that the society has bestowed the safety of their future…

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