Population And Community Health Nursing: A Case Study

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1) Share your initial thoughts (prior to taking this course and prior to starting your clinical hours) on the role of Population and Community Health Nursing (PCHN)?
My initial thoughts of Population and Community Health Nursing (PCHN) is that this nurse deals with more than just a patient medical diagnosis. From my readings I came to learn that this is very true. The PCHN not only deals with the patient but families in the community and in their own home environment. I learned a great deal from the YouTube video from our class reading this week. I am a visual learner and the video showed the depths of involvement a PCHN have in the household. Giving support, available to answer questions, getting clothing for a baby, formula and helping arrange daycare. Harkness and DeMarco (2016) states that the ANA defines public health nursing as accountabilities that are characteristic of
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Now that I work in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, I do chat with my patients as they’re coming out of anesthesia; but again, it’s basic conversation. The patients are fresh post op and for the most part, very sleepy. I am looking forward to this practicum, as I get the opportunity to interact with patients not on an emergency level or fresh out of surgery. This practicum provides me with the chance to collaborate with patients as equal partners (Harkness and DeMarco, 2016). Having the opportunity at practicum, to speak with patients in a collaborative matter; will improve my post-operative teaching skills. These collaborative conversations may present information, that I may need to address with the physician, social worker and case management prior to discharge.
4) Explain your understanding of how PCHN differs from the role of the bedside nurse based on the week 1 reading, the video provided and the APHA article (all located on the week 1

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