Popular Religious Pendants

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5 popular religious pendants
Descriptions: There are many religions in the world. No matter in which part of world people are living they follow specific religion and wear the religious pendants with engraved symbol on it. Read more about the popular religious symbol throughout the world.
Religious jewellery is not only fashion jewellery, people wear it to devote themselves as a follower of god to keep their internal faith stronger. These religious charm pendants give wearer a source of strength and constantly remind you the presence of the lord. In all religions, the most common type of jewellery is the religious pendants. All religious pendants represent a particular religion. The following five religious pendants are the most popular in the whole world.
Buddhists Amulets: In many
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One of the biggest differences is Hindus follow deity of their own choices among millions of gods. Apparently, Hindu religious pendants can represent any one of several deities. Usually, people like to wear Ganesh’s pendants, the elephant headed deity, Lord Shiva, with a river on his head and snake around his neck or musicians can be seen with Sarasvati.
The Muslim Khamsa or Hamsa: It is said in Islamic world that this symbol represents the power of both good and evil, the five fingered hand is known as Fatima’s hand. It is said that these five fingers represent Muhammad and his family. In addition, Muslims also hang a Khamsa around animals to safeguard their health. It is serves as the protective hand of God.
The Christian Cross: The cross is the symbol of Christians across the world from ages, but not always. In many early civilizations Tau equal-armed cross used to represent god and goddesses. In Christianity, Lord Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. When Christians wear cross pendants it reminds them of the sacrifice Jesus made for them and the existence of God’s

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