Popular Culture : An Essential Ingredient Of Organizational Behavior

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Popular culture is defined as a form of identity and expression that is frequently encountered and widely accepted, approved and liked and characteristic that are unique to a particular society at a specific time. There are many sources of popular culture. The primary source of popular culture is the mass media, especially film, television, video game, tradition, and the Internet. Advances in communication tend to allow a greater transmission of ideas via word of mouth through cell phones. Popular culture becomes an important ingredient of organizational behavior. The best way to learn about organizational behaviors is through popular culture. Popular culture provides a practical and realistic account of the organizational life (Rhodes & Westwood,2008). It presents a vivid picture of what actually happens in organizations on a day-to-day- basis. Popular culture resonates with the everyday experience of people in their workplaces in a manner that the traditional academic sources could not afford to do.

Popular culture texts enable a better and dynamic appreciation of lived experiences and event that occur in organizations. It offers a dramatic, intense, and dynamic representation of the management of texts in an organization. They lead to a much deeper understanding of the social realities in the workplace. Many workplaces are characterized by organizational behaviors that can either contribute to the growth of the organization or make it an unbearable place…

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