Popular Articles And Blog Posts Essay

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Genres are a group of works with similar characteristics and are constantly being created. Genres are used in different discourse communities to discuss different problems or bring awareness to an issue. The two genres discussed in this paper are popular articles and blog posts. Both genres talk about the same issue of how women are portrayed in advertisements, but are completely different in the way they talk to the intended discourse community, the way the information is presented, and the language used.
The first genre I am going to discuss is popular articles talking about how women are portrayed in advertising. Both articles would be used by marketers, advertisers, and even companies as a whole. These popular articles are geared towards people who have a basic understanding of marketing/advertising. For example, “… The “encourage” strategy [is where] marketers deploy a complementary “empower” phrase on Thursdays, when women are supposedly feeling their best” (Rosen, 2013).
The previous quotation uses phrases and words that marketers and advertisers use every day. In both articles of the genre popular articles, the language is very similar. Both articles have language that is higher level, but educated people will be able to read it and understand the point of the articles. “Marketing Campaigns that empower women and girls rather than perpetuating stereotypes are proving to be hits with consumers and highly effective at generating sales…” (Ciambriello, 2014). Both of…

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