Pope Urban II 's Speech At The Council Of Clermont Essay

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The two sources I have chosen are Fulcher of Chartres’ account of Pope Urban II’s speech at the Council of Clermont in 1095, calling the Christians to crusade, and an extract from Arab politician and chronicler Ibn-al-Qalanisi’s account of the First Crusade, describing the behaviour of the Franks as they seize a town from the Muslims.

Fulcher of Chartres was trained as a priest and was appointed as chaplain to Baldwin of Boulogne in 1097 after leaving for crusade in 1096 with the entourage of Stephen of Blois. He would have been a very religious man even for the period and so the account would have been written with an emphasis on the most important religious content in Urban’s speech. In origin, it is a part of his Gesta Francorum Jerusalem Expugnatum and it is thought that he wrote the account after being urged by companions, notably Baldwin. Its purpose seems to be to make a thorough and vivid account of the crusades but since Fulcher was chaplain to Baldwin it is likely to reflect very well on him and all the people that went on the crusades, probably coloured by the fact that the First Crusade was successful The content of the first part is focused on explaining the qualities that are valued, preaching to them how to be faithful servants to God. The most important part is the second half, which is the call for crusade. Pope Urban refers to the Turks as a “vile race” in “the lands of our friends” saying that “Christ commands” the crusade. Shortly after he adds that “All…

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