Pope Paul Iv On The Modern World Essay example

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Evangelii Nuntiandi
Evangelii Nuntiandi (“Evangelization in the Modern World”) is an apostolic exhortation, also called encyclical, issued on 8 December 1975 by Pope Paul IV on the theme of Catholic evangelization.

Evangelii Nuntiandi can presented as an update regarding the state of the Church ten years after the Second Vatican Council (informally known as Vatican II) closed on 8 December 1965.
The main theme in this Encyclical is Evangelization, to know what it means and how believers can practice it in their everyday lives. At the time, the concept of evangelization was so vague that not even priests or some bishops were certain of what it meant.
The 1960’s was a decade with several cultural movements (Civil rights, anti-war, free speech, gay liberation, feminism, environmentalism) that substantially diverted people’s attention from the Church. Several Historians have published works in reference to the 1960s being a decade of crisis for the Church.
Pope Paul IV explained that the Gospel and evangelization do not go hand in hand with culture, in fact they are independent to all cultures.
On the introduction and first chapter of document, Pope Paul IV highlights that evangelization is more of a human’s role in the search of the truth rather than just an optional contribution for the Church.
On the second chapter, the Pope focuses in defining the term of evangelization in depth. He states that evangelizing indicates bringing the Good News into every level of humanity…

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