Classical Music: Instruments In The Classical Period

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Instruments in classical period, apparently the obvious instrumental innovation in the period was piano, it was being developed even Bach has still arrived in Baroque period, fortunately it actually started become a popular music instrument in classical period. Pianos have a mellow sound, they were more versatile, they can represent dynamics, switching volume changes, damper pedal which present the smooth like freezing and stuff. At this point, the instruments capabilities, it was more use in many varieties of genre and the composer in the classical period have more potential for different types of music. In terms of expression the piano brings many opportunities to compositions in classical period to be creative things in the music.
Instrumental music was mainly for the elite in the classical period, which there were rich patrons who paid composers to compose and perform, musicians working estates of wealthy Barons, Dukes and princes. There was a new form existed in the period which
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In the early days symphonies were a smaller and they did not have a huge performance space, symphonies could be perform in a house. Since Franz Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809), he wrote at least a hundred and seven symphonies in the classical period, he definitely worth bringing out when we talk about symphonies. Especially, he was named as the father of symphonies and also nickname of a father of string quartet. Haydn had such a massive output he basically create a standard of symphony and he inspired tons of imitators who created symphony. The symphony originated with string instruments and that eventually brought woodwind and brass instruments. The modern symphony was formed in around the end of seventeen hundreds. The example of the modern symphony would be symphony no. 100 in G Major "Military" by Franz Joseph

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