Pop Culture Influence

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Chapter 4: Influence of Media and Pop Culture:
Music and pop culture was a big part of 1960’s fashion. Every decade has a special event or a certain TV show or band that had a great influence on the common people. The long hair trend not only sparked from the hippie movement but also was worn by musicians. Musicians such as the Beatles influenced the long hair peace and love trend that went along with the hippie movement. The Beatles brought British culture into the Americas called the “British Invasion”. Other musicians had a great influence on fashion trends such as many great black musicians. The power of black musicians to influence went along with the black power movement, they influenced the afro trend. Other popular events like Woodstock in 1969 showed a great deal of
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To go along with the space theme Star Trek was also a popular sci fy TV show in the 1960’s. Because of this the fashion trends reflected synthetic fabrics, gold and silver colors and metallic spacey clothing. Another release in the 1960’s was Barbavella in 1967. The movie featured Vinyl, high boots, sand simple body suits. Motown was a black-owned record company who gave record deals to figures such as Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Mick Jagger. Instead of portraying the artists as having a rebellious stance he rather made them into an upward positive image which influenced the sleek sophisticated style presented by such public figures. Comparative to the formal styles portrayed by some stars, there was also another side to it. The Broadway musical Hairspray premiered and was very revealing. Images of nudity could be seen within the movie and this was unlike normal musicals and movies if compared to conservative cultures. “The alliance of fashion with pop music has never been so close” Influences of pop culture brought out within movies especially can have a strong effect on the

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