Pop Culture Has A Influence On Our Lives Essay

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It is to say with certainty that in today’s society, pop culture has a pronounced influence on our everyday lives and the decisions that we make. Although we may not like to admit it, pop culture largely assists in shaping the type of men/women we grow up to be. With young children being the primary target of pop culture, it is clearly evident how it can significantly impact the way in which we respond to different stimuli. While pop culture is commonly accepted worldwide it is uncertain if the feminist movement should embrace it or not. It is important to acknowledge that pop culture has a manipulation factor that most people don’t take into account. Pop culture has the ability to manipulate society into believing and following the norms that it constricts us to. Through the use of 4 different articles I will provide evidence as to why the feminist movement should not embrace pop culture. The articles that will be discussed throughout this paper include: “Lady Power” by Nancy Bauer, “Who is a Feminist Now” by Marisa Meltzer, “Girls Rule!: Gender, feminism and Nickelodeon” by Sarah Banet-Weiser and “Young Women and Consumer Culture” by Angel McRobbie. Although embracing pop culture would help the feminist movement reach a broader audience, ultimately the commercialization of feminism thus brings up complications, which clearly demonstrate why feminism should not embrace pop culture. Embracing pop culture leads to the questioning of celebrities sincerely identifying…

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