Pop Culture And Family Life In America

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Pop Culture and Family Life in America Three major aspects of American pop culture include sports, fashion, and music. Each of these aspects has affected my relationship with each of my family members. The sports, fashion, and music industries are extremely popular in America, and within my family. Our interests in each aspect of pop culture bring us closer together in two ways: support and bonding. My American experience has been positive because of the effect pop culture has had on my family. American sports have majorly impacted my life, and the lives of my family members. Sports has helped to strengthen the bond between my brother, dad, and I. Ever since I was a little girl my family has had season tickets to the Ohio State football and basketball games. Attending these sporting events has always been a bonding experience with my family, especially my dad. From waking …show more content…
When we are not at the games, my family and I continue to watch the Ohio State football games, and basketball games. Each game is turned into a somewhat viewing party or event. Each of us invite a few friends over and prepare the “finger food”. No feeling is better than when a game is on the television, food is on the table, and loved ones are all around. No game day goes uncelebrated, win or lose, my family and I enjoy watching the games and spending some quality time together. Though my family bonds primarily through our love of college sports, high school sports have also brought us together. My brother, Nick, is five years older than me. I have always looked up to him, especially in his athletic abilities. Nick participated in many sports throughout his high school career including basketball, soccer, swim team, and golf. I was always there to watch him excel in his many games, matches, and meets. Supporting Nick in his sports throughout high school brought us closer together into a bond that still

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