Pop Art’s Response to Mass Consumerism Essay

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Part One: Introduction to Pop Art The Pop Art movement “uses elements of popular culture, such as magazines, movies, … and even [brand name] bottles and cans” to convey a message about the artist’s views on society. Using bold coloured paintings, soft sculptures, and printmaking, artists would create facsimiles, similar reproductions of popular merchandise and collages. The purpose was to emphasize the banality of any given mass culture. This was a response the post-war conservative society which focused on consumerism and the consumption of name-brand products. The American economy had significantly risen for the first time in 30 years which lead to the mass consumption of goods and conformity of the majority. Acrylic paint was first …show more content…
Each of these products are the exact same, and no matter how much money a person has, they cannot change that. These opinions are what gave him all his ideas for his artwork. These are not the only painters that influenced the style; however they are the ones that made the biggest impact on society. This is not only due to their talent level, but also their marketing skills. Without these three artists, commercial and fashion design as well as the way that people perceive art would be drastically different.

Part Three: The Infamous Marilyn Monroe The repeated image of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol is arguably one of the most influential pieces from the Pop Art movement. All the silk screens that were created show that Warhol was “not only [trying] to make art of mass-produced items but to mass produce art itself”. This defines the Pop Art movement, which was all about consumerism, celebrities and popular products. If Warhol could mass produce art itself, he would become just like the major corporations that he was so intrigued by. One of the first pieces to contain her image was the Marilyn Monroe Diptych which was painted with acrylics on canvas in 1962. The work incorporates the face of Marilyn Monroe repeated 25 times in colour on the left side, and 25 times in black and white on the right side. The colour scheme used for the left side is as follows: yellow hair, lilac face, teal eye shadow & neckline, red lips and an orange background. Each canvas is

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