Poor Student Bodies : Poor Students Bodies Essay

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On average, poor student bodies spent about 1500 less than rich student bodies. This implies that poor student bodies receive less money. Poor student bodies also did more poorly for reading achievement with only about 15% pass rate for the poor while more than half of the rich student passes. This may be due to the rich having more money to spend on supplement books and tuitions to boost their grades while the poor can only rely on the little time in schools. Furthermore, the poor may have to work to help their family financially, thus neglecting their studies. On average, rich student bodies do have a higher level of achievement as they have more resources available. However, it is surprising that there is not a big difference between the physical conditions of the rich and the poor student bodies. The rich student bodies do have a slightly better physical conditions as their spending are way higher than the poor. They will be able to afford a more nutritionally balanced meal. However with a spending difference of 1500 on average, the poor student bodies’ physical conditions are in the middle range while the rich are only slightly above the middle. The little difference in both their physical condition may be due to that the rich student bodies are spending more money to have better facilities that are not really essential for their physical conditions. I would have expect the poor student bodies to have a poorer physical conditions. On the other hand, it is not really…

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