Poor Eating Habits Developed At An Early Age Essay

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Imagine the majority of kids, getting out of school; most of them being overweight, or obese. Most schools lead the students to poor eating habits. Eating junk food shouldn’t be allowed in schools. Like it shouldn’t be normal to have to scrape the grease off a pizza before you eat it. Would the school’s allow these habits, thinking it could be there own kids one ending up having to not only looking overweight, but feeling as if you can’t control your own diet. One day the population of kids will be obese; and parents, administrators will regret ever letting there kids eat junk food that you’ll find in most schools.

“Poor eating habits developed at an early age lead to a lifetime of real health consequences. School is where children spend most of their time, and it is where we lay the foundation for healthy habits.”(Scholastic) If you start out ingesting unhealthy comestibles, you’ll likely end up being overweight. The saying goes practice makes permanent. Essentially, most parents don’t have enough time to hand make meals, so they have school lunch. It’s not the parents’ fault but, the children end up eating school lunch. According to the article ,Junk Food May Be Prohibited In School Lunches This Fall; Pending Federal Law Sparks Obesity Debate,”Currently, over 31 million children eat school lunches, according to first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign page. For some students, school is the only place they get a meal. In low-income communities, fast food is easy…

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