Essay on Poor Eating Habits At An Early Age

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In America 20 percent of the population, which is around 60,000,000 are obese. “With this number about 300,000 of them die each year from either obesity or simply just being overweight (Codey).” Poor eating habits at an early age can lead to a lifetime of real health consequences. The best way to eliminate this problem that is occurring in our nation is to remove the catalyst that is causing the problem, in this case that catalyst being junk food. Besides the basic things students go to school for; reading, writing, arithmetic, school has a tremendous influence on a child’s life and is a place that teaches values and practices that students take into their lives outside of school as well, and practicing good food habits will lead to more healthy bodies. K-12 years are very important to a child because it is where basic learning takes place leading up to adulthood. With this being the case it is important that the minds of the young are filled with things that will lead up to an overall healthy lifestyle. Making substitutes as minor as carrots for cookies for example could lead to a big change in the lifestyle of a person. How healthy you eat plays a role in saying how healthy of a person you are. Having unhealthy eating habits can lead to an unhealthy brain. The chances of maintaining a healthy brain as one ages could easily be increased by the consumption of healthy foods. Junk food in K-12 schools should be banned to help work to improve the health and lifestyles of those…

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