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28 APRIL 2012

Summarize the actions that lead to the lawsuit There were two women found unconscious on the bathroom floor of the McDonalds’ in Pooler GA. Nine others were complaining about feeling sick and nauseous with excessive breathing. Inside the McDonalds a carbon dioxide leak sent 10 people to the hospital. An investigation revealed that a line used to funnel off excessive carbon dioxide into the outdoors became disconnected. This allowed carbon dioxide stored in tanks in the backroom to flow into the wall of the women’s bathroom. A line used to funnel excess carbon dioxide out of the
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The type of things that management could have done in terms of risk management to have prevented the events that lead to the lawsuit is operational consideration, employee awareness, system maintenance and testing, and emergency response planning. The first preventive measure would be operational considerations. A thorough review of the hazards associated with all credible scenarios must be performed. After identification of these hazards, appropriate safeguards must be established and maintained. The next thing that can be done in terms of risk management is employee awareness. The owners of McDonalds could have made all the employees aware of the possible effects of CO2 and the safeguards. The employees should be made aware of all the warning signs posted in CO2 protected areas. Additionally, employees who are likely to enter such areas should receive a basic level of instruction into the operating principles of the system to include alarms and related hazards, as well as evacuation procedures. The third risk management preventive would be system maintenance and testing requirements. CO2 systems containing electronic detection, actuation and control features should have these features tested and maintained. The final preventive measure is emergency response planning. A plan should be in place for such emergencies. The

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