Pols 3447 Final Study Guide Essay

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POLS 3447 Final Study Guide

* Part 1 * 80 fill-in the blanks (30% and 10 possible extra credits points) * 30 from review sheet * Part 2 – Pick one out of 2 questions * Arab-Israeli conflict up to 1947 * Persian security, with the CIA intervention from 1950-1953 to the Gulf war in the 1990s * Part 3 – Essay * Challenges facing obama admin in middle east in second term * Persian gulf security * War on terror * Arab Israeli * How has it evolved since 1990

* Countries who voted NO to Palestine being a non-voting observer state at the United Nations * Canada * Czeck Republic * Marshall Islands * Micronesia * Palau
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Subsequently, in March 1957 the United States adopted the Eisenhower Doctrine to combat communism in the Middle East.

17-21. The United States also tried to shore up militarily the northern tier of the Middle East in the mid-1950s by supporting the creation of the Baghdad Pact that besides Great Britain included these four regional states Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Turkey.

22-28. In the early 1960s the Kennedy administration was noted by its diplomatic overture to Egypt by putting the Arab-Israeli conflict in the ‘Ice-box’ and by looking to support the political ‘________________________________’ in the Third World.

This occurred during a time (1958-1967) when the Middle East was involved in the so-called “Arab Cold War” which involved political clashes and subversion between moderate/pro-West regimes such as Iran and pre-July 1958 Iraq against radical Arab regimes.

This conflict heated up in the Fall 1962 when Nasser sent military forces to support a radical military regime that had seized power in Yemen.

POLS 3447 -2-

29-38. The June 1967 war was sparked when in May 1967 Egypt closed the straight Tiran to Israeli shipping. According to

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