Pololysomnography Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… With this study, Scullin was able to prove that sleep–memory link does weaken or changes with increasing age.
Scullin does state that “Understanding the sleep, memory, and aging relationship constitutes a grand question, and no single study will answer all questions regarding this issue” (Scullin. 2011 p.111). This study was limited by the facts that even though the participants were prescreened, their answers were based on self-report not testing. The home sleep-stage monitor rather than polysomnography. The polysomnography is considered the absolute best and can monitor and analyze more than the home sleep-stage monitor that were used in the study. The last limitation that was discussed was that there was limited information on sleep fragmentation. Scullin agrees that future “studies using polysomnography should examine SWS fragmentation in relation to memory retention across younger and older adults” (Scullin. 2011 p.110) since this machine allows for more extensive results. Future studies should also have the participants be neuropsychological tested to make sure that there are no impairments or underlying sleep

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